Children's Museum Festival: Space Odyssey 2021

Our cosmic thanks to everyone who attended the virtual Children’s Museum Festival! The festival broadcasts are over, but the space odyssey goes on. Have a look at our workshop videos, which are now available for free for all space travelers whenever their interstellar journeys allow.

At the workshops, we will use items found at home. You can photograph your toy taking a gravity-free space flight, hear a moving tale, gaze at the stars with self-made telescopes and learn to measure time through playful means. We utilise recycled materials in the space workshops and encourage all at home to do the same.


The videos are subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and English.

To select subtitles, please click the CC button in the player’s toolbar.

Space Workshops

Astronaut lesson number 1

On the video from the Finnish Museum of Horology, you can enter the miraculous world of time.

Making sense of time is hard but necessary for future astronauts. Come and explore all the things you can do in, for example, 15 seconds. For this workshop, all you need is some space around you and enthusiasm.

Can you live in space?

What would a floating home look like in space? The Futuro building, for example, was designed as a home of the future. At Arkki’s workshop, we will design and build our own shuttle, rocket or space station.

Different-shaped and washed packaging materials, such as milk and egg cartons, cardboard. Use your imagination!


  • Build your own space home by combining different types and shapes of recycled materials.
  • Embellish ready constructions with tinfoil, for example. You can also build a structure with a paper folding technique, where you add parts.
  • Hang the ready space ship in front of the light, so that its shadows are reflected on the wall.
  • Using a marker draw the shadow of the spaceship on a paper attached to the wall. With the drawing, you can think about and draw the inside of the ship.

Moving space odyssey tale

The video from the Toy Museum gives allows you to peek into the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä and move along with the fun space odyssey tale.

Create some space around you and pay attention. Töt from Cone Planet will instruct you on the movements connected to the space words. After that, Töt will tell a tale, and whenever you hear a word you recognise from the instructions, do the movement that goes with it. Captain Futuro and a picture on the screen will help you remember.

Telescope workshop

KAMU’s workshop is about exploring the stars. At the workshop, we will craft a telescope out of a toilet or paper tower roll and marvel at the constellations in the sky.


Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Blue (or a different colour) paper
Glue stick
A thick needle or drawing pin
Rubber band
Stickers, sequins, papers, glitter etc. for garnishing the telescope


  • Fold an A4-sized paper twice, so that you have a quarter in your hands. Cut a quarter piece of the paper along the folded line.
  • Take a toilet or paper tower roll and draw a circle the size of the roll in the middle of the cut paper.
  • Choose a constellation you like from the image below and draw it inside the circle.
  • If you want, you can glue coloured paper around the roll and let it dry before the next step.
  • Set the paper and its constellation on top of the hole in the roll and gently wrinkle the paper around the roll.
  • Take a rubber band and set it around the paper, so that it stays still around the roll.
  • Push the holes of the pattern of stars with the needle.
  • Embellish the telescope with, for example, stickers or sequins.

Ready! You may now use the telescope and gaze at the stars.

Space flight

At EMMA’s workshop, we will use supplies from home to make a funny picture of our toy embarking on a space flight.


pencils and markers
a bendy toy, smaller than the paper
dark fabric as background, such as a blouse or sweater


  • Draw a Futuro house as large as you can on the paper. Also draw the inside windows onto the profile.
  • Cut the Futuro house from the paper and make it fly in space, for example, on the chair or floor on top of the dark fabric. Note that the background should be the same colour as the window openings of your drawing.
  • Choose a toy that will fit inside the ship and wants to join the space flight. Set your toy in a floating-type position.
  • Ask an adult to take a photo with their phone directly from above. You can send the picture of your own space odyssey to whomever you want and tell them the exciting story behind it. You can also share the photo with the hashtag #childrensmuseumfestival

Space buddies

At Espoo School of Art’s workshop, we will create our own space buddy out of a recycled carton package while examining the constellations of the northern sky. The robot-like space buddy will be our nightlight and travel companion on imaginary trips within the Milky Way’s home galaxy.


Recycled carton packaging materials from home, such as milk cartons
A thick needle, nail, paper clip or sharp pencil for poking
A soft protective surface underneath the material during the poking
Glue stick, craft glue or tape
Scissors, markers, tinfoil
Brad nails
A led light or flashlight


  • Wash and dry the used packages. Examine the material and decide which side to use.
  • Open the package along the seams. You may poke holes, such as constellations, on the side of the space buddy. Poke eyes and a mouth onto it as well. Ask for an adult to help if you have difficulties.
  • Glue or tape the package shut again. For example, rubber bands can be used while they dry. You can make feet for the buddy by cutting the lower corner – this also ensures that the buddy stays up.
  • When you’re done, ask for an adult to lend you a safe source of light, such as a led light or cellphone.
  • Finally, come up with a name for the space buddy and decide which planet it’s from!