The Art Path of Espoo Hospital: By the entrance

Espoo Hospital is home to the largest selection of art from EMMA's collections that is deposited outside the museum. The presence of art in the hospital has a positive, healing effect on everyone in the building – patients, their loved ones and also the hospital staff.



1. Oona Tikkaoja: Helix, 2016

Aluminium, led light
Placement: the outer structures of the footbridge

The work is in dialogue with the architecture. At its best, the work seems to belong to its place, in an almost self-evident way. Have you viewed the work more closely? Which is your favourite spot from which to view it?

The artist says she got her inspiration both from the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol of medicine, and the double helix of the DNA. What does the three-dimensional geometric sculpture make you think of?


2. Hanna Vihriälä: Silverweed, 2016

Steel wire, aluminium, plastic beads
Placement: the entrance hall

Can you see the form of the Silverweed in the work? In ancient times people said that this herb helped against diseases caused by envy.

The artist depicts a green pearl cloud as a forest raining through the ceiling into the room. Bring to your mind the memory of some pleasant nature experience. What does it look like?



3. Hanna Vihriälä: Rumex, 2016

Steel wire, aluminium, plastic beads
Placement: suolaheinä restaurant

In older times, rumex was considered to increase appetite. Can you think of other folkloric hints? Which plant was it whose leaves helped to heal wounds?

Apart from nutrition, food is a social situation that brings people together. The cheerful colours seem to repeat the lively murmur of voices. Have you noticed that some of the beads have a different shape. What topics of conversation can you find in the work?


Continue on the art path:


For waiting and quiet moments

By the elevator

In the patient rooms


The artworks belong to the EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art collections

Photos: Yehia Eweis / EMMA

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