The Art Path of Espoo Hospital: For waiting and quiet moments

Espoo Hospital is home to the largest selection of art from EMMA's collections that is deposited outside the museum. The presence of art in the hospital has a positive, healing effect on everyone in the building – patients, their loved ones and also the hospital staff.

4. NioRautiainenToikka: (In)Sight, 2016

(Leena Nio, Taneli Rautiainen, Jenni Toikka)
Glass, metal
Placement: the silent room, ground floor

Take your time, just be. In the silence, the instincts are activated, the passage of light changes along with the hours of the day. The horizontal lines point to the horizon, the landscape. The work has been made using pieces of the same window glass that was used when the hospital itself was built. Glass as a material is being compared to the fragility of human life: it’s hard, but breaks easily.

The more non-figurative and allusive a work is, the more it leaves room for interpretation. A material from nearby can take you far by the sheer force of imagination. Where do you travel in your imagination? How do you understand the work title (In) Sight?

5. Changing video work

Placement: the waiting area, the outpatient clinic

Contemporary art comments on the phenomena of time both from the viewpoint of technique and motifs. Sometimes it’s hard to perceive a work as a work of art, at other times it sweeps you along with it immediately.

Scrutinize the work on the basis of your first impression. What’s your opinion? What time phenomenon does the work allude to, according to you? What supplementary information does the name of the work give you?


Continue on the art path:

By the entrance

By the elevator

In the patient rooms


The artworks belong to the EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art collections

Photos: Yehia Eweis / EMMA

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