The Art Path of Espoo Hospital: In the patient rooms

Espoo Hospital is home to the largest selection of art from EMMA's collections that is deposited outside the museum. The presence of art in the hospital has a positive, healing effect on everyone in the building – patients, their loved ones and also the hospital staff.


9. COMPANY, Vase Tree, 2016

Aamu Song, Johan Olin
Glass, metal stick
Placement: your own ward

The leaves or flowers of the vase tree are flower vases blown as works of handicraft by Lasisirkus (the Glass Circus). The artwork has been planned in order to be used.

To make art, you often need a playful attitude. The artist duo encourages you to move alongside the work, to place yourself for example at its root, at the tree’s crown. Take the vase to your room to see how light filtrates through it.

Artworks in the patient rooms

The artworks placed in the patient rooms belong to EMMA’s or the Saastamoinen Foundation’s art collection. Most of them are graphics produced in many techniques. It’s important that art gets a viewer and becomes real. In a storeroom, it doesn’t dialogue with anyone.

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How do the events or the different hours of the day influence how you experience the artwork of your own patient room? What happens in the work?


Continue on the art path:

By the entrance

For waiting and quiet moments

By the elevator


The artworks belong to the EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art collections

Photos: Yehia Eweis / EMMA

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