Espoo Museum of Modern Art


Panel discussion | #StopHatredNow

  • 15.05.2024
  • 17:00 - 18:30
  • Aitio venue, 2nd floor
  • Free entry

#StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist week-long platform organised once a year in collaboration with several art and intercultural organisations. The platform strives to create discourse and offers tools to create a more inclusive, diverse and feminist art field; inclusivity, diversity, non-discrimination, accessibility and social as well as ecological sustainability are issues that determine the future of every art and cultural institution.

#StopHatredNow is aimed at individual artists, cultural influencers, and institutions of art and culture, but anyone interested in the topics is welcome. The event is held in English and Finnish.

More information coming soon!

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