Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Artwork Loans

EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art lends artworks from its collections to museums and exhibition organizers. Loan requests are directed to Pilvi Kalhama, Museum Director of EMMA, and are sent in the form of an email attachment or by post to EMMA’s registrar Jenni Enbom, to the address:

Jenni Enbom
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art
PL 6661
02070 Espoo City

The registrar acts as contact person in the loan process and assists in matters linked to the loans as well as in the practical arrangements.

We kindly ask you to send your loan requests at least 6 months before the exhibition starts. In the case of smaller requests concerning less than five works, we kindly ask you to send them at least 4 months before the exhibition starts.

The loan request must contain:

  • The contact information and contact person of the Applicant
  • The name, place and time of the exhibition
  • The concept and content of the exhibition, briefly
  • A list of the objects included in the loan request

As an attachment to the loan request, please deliver a Facility Report which clearly shows the conditions of the exhibition spaces, for example matters having to do with temperature and humidity control and with the security of the spaces.

For a work loan request to be accepted, it’s required that the Loan Giver presents a transport plan and insures the works for the time span of the loan. The handling of the works has to be done by personnel specialized in handling artworks.