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Terms and Instructions for Reservations at EMMA

1. Guided Tours and Workshops

2. Terms and Conditions for Event Organisers

  • Regulatory Permits and Other Notifications
  • Cancellations
  • Insurance
  • Transfer of Contract and Amendments
  • Complaints
    3. Instructions for the Event Organiser

  • General Guidelines for All
  • Catering
  • Instructions for Performers
  • Instructions for Photo/Film Shoots

    Guided Tours and Workshops

    These terms and conditions apply to reservations made for guided tours and workshops at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. These terms enter into force the moment the reservation is made by the customer. Note that these terms do not apply to the restaurant or other occupants of the building and their services.

    Reservations must be made at least 7 days prior to the start of the service in question.

    Reservations may be cancelled without charge 7 days prior to the reserved occasion.

    In the event that a reservation is not cancelled by the due date, the full price of the tour/workshop will be charged. For non-cancellation of a reserved free tour, the charge is 30 euros. Per-person prices for services are charged based on the last number of participants disclosed to EMMA by the customer.

    Cancellations must be made by email to EMMA customer services at

    Our guide will wait for the group no more than 15 min. after the reserved tour is set to begin. Please note that late arrivals will shorten the duration of the tour correspondingly.

    Terms and Conditions for Event Organisers

    These terms and conditions apply to reservations for the use of the facilities at EMMA for events. The terms enter into force once the reservation has been confirmed. EMMA staff will be responsible for exhibition security and services required during the event. The staff is obliged to intervene in any situations or actions that violate these instructions. All fees for the use of the premises and staff will be invoiced separately as agreed.


    …supply to EMMA information regarding the event (contact details for the contact person, nature of the event, information about catering/refreshments, number of participants etc.) and update that information whenever it changes.

    …send contact data for performers, catering and other involved operators to the EMMA contact person and ensure that everyone is familiar with the facilities and instructions prior to the event.

    …comply with all instructions supplied by EMMA, including additional instructions for personnel, regarding use of the property, its equipment, furnishings and fittings.

    …ensure that everyone involved in the event will comply with all instructions. See: Instructions for the Event Organiser.

    …safeguard the premises and equipment against damage and have valid liability insurance to cover any damage caused by the customer, customer’s personnel, subcontractors, performers or the public to the property of the WeeGee Exhibition Centre or its occupants. See: Insurance

    …compensate all damages caused to persons present at the event or to their property, as per the Finnish Tort Liability Act. See: Insurance.

    …be responsible for all proprietary equipment and other property brought to the venue and also for their removal from the premises the next working day following the event (e.g., flower arrangements, empty bottles, serving dishes etc.).

    …be responsible for the cost of any extra preparation and cleaning outside the booking period (€100/h).

    General lighting, air conditioning and general cleaning of the premises will be EMMA’s responsibility.

    The customer is responsible for cleaning up after the event.

    Regulatory Permits and Other Notifications

    The customer must obtain and pay for all necessary permits. These include, for example, notifications to the police and rescue services. The customer is responsible for maintaining order during the event and for all copyright notifications and payments to third parties related to the event (e.g., Teosto, Gramex, Kopiosto). The performance of copyrighted music requires a separate licence which the customer must obtain.


    The reservation may be cancelled free of charge as follows:

  • Ballroom Aitio and exhibition spaces: 30 days prior to the event
    If the reservation is not cancelled in time, the customer will be charged 50 percent of the reservation price. Cancellations must be made by email to EMMA customer service at


    The customer must have valid:

  • event liability insurance if the event is attended by guests invited by the customer.

  • public liability insurance if the event is open to the public.
    The policy is purchased from the customer’s own insurance company. A certificate of the insurance must be submitted to EMMA at least 2 weeks prior the event.

    Transfer of Contract and Amendments

    The customer may not transfer the contract or assign the reserved premises to a third party without EMMA’s consent. Changes to the reservation must be made in writing. EMMA will communicate its acceptance/rejection of the changes to the customer.


    EMMA must be notified immediately of any complaints. If the customer and EMMA are unable to reach an agreement, the customer may refer the dispute to the Consumer Complaints Board. Disputes concerning the contract may ultimately be settled in the District Court of Espoo.

    Instructions for the Event Organiser

    Artworks in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art are held and managed in accordance with international museum practices. Planning and implementation of customer events and presentations must follow guidelines supplied by EMMA.

    All plans for an event are discussed in advance with the museum’s contact person. The plans must take into consideration the special nature of the venue and must address issues relating to time, location, duration, number of customers, equipment or props to be used and technical needs.

    General Guidelines for All

    Outsiders may not visit the museum’s exhibition spaces if EMMA’s own staff are not present.  

    Artworks, their pedestals or display cases must not be touched, nor must they be used as a surface for putting down papers, tools or other objects.  

    There must be at least one (1) metre of free space between the artworks and performers or guests at all times. Rope barriers around the artworks must not be crossed on moved.  

    If a work of art is damaged or someone touches it, museum staff must be notified immediately. You must not attempt to move or repair the artwork yourself.  

    The use of props, furniture and decorations brought into the exhibition space must be discussed in advance with museum staff. The safety of the artworks may not be compromised by either the arrangements or the materials used in the event.  

    Open fire or other effects that may cause a fire hazard or trigger fire alarms (candles, oil lanterns, heat- or steam-generating devices) may not be used in any part of the exhibition centre or near the front door due to fire safety regulations.  

    No food or drinks may be taken into the exhibition galleries. Exceptions: See Catering.

    Outer clothing, umbrellas and large bags etc. must be left outside the exhibition space in the areas designated by the staff.  

    No running is allowed in the exhibition spaces.  

    No changes can be made to the exhibition space or to the positioning of the artworks for events. 

    The air conditioning, temperature, sound and lighting in the exhibition space may be changed or adjusted to suit the event.  

    An event that takes place outside normal operating hours requires special arrangements that may entail extra costs for the customer. 


    As a rule, no food or drinks may be taken into the exhibition spaces.

    Drinks and snacks may be served in a limited area. This must be agreed upon separately with the museum, and the catering service must be approved by the museum.

    The organiser must submit to the museum a preliminary plan for catering arrangements, including a timetable and designated personnel. The plan must cover any visits to the premises by the caterer or other necessary on-site preparations.

    Catering must not involve any heating, cooking, flaming, steam generation etc. that might trigger a fire alarm.

    No part of the exhibition spaces is an alcohol-licensed area. Alcoholic beverages may be served in accordance with Finnish alcohol laws, but the beverages must be procured by the organiser of the event. They may not be purchased from the catering service (Section 84 of the Alcohol Act: supplying alcohol for a fee).

    The catering service is responsible for any catering waste and post-event clean-up.

    Instructions for Performers

    All props used in the exhibition spaces must approved by the museum in advance to ensure that they do not compromise safety, exhibits or the artworks. Any organic materials, such as materials collected from the wild, may carry pests, moisture or other elements that pose a risk.

    Fire safety requirements for materials are particularly strict in a museum; for instance, the flammability class required for textiles is SL1 (low flammability, self-extinguishing).

    No makeup (cosmetics, hairspray, etc.) may be applied in the exhibition spaces.

    Touching or leaning on the walls of the exhibition spaces must be avoided.

    No food or drinks may be taken into the exhibition spaces. Snacks, drinks, etc. may only be consumed in designated areas.

    No objects, tools, bags, backpacks etc. may be left in the exhibition spaces unless required for the performance.

    Movements of the performer and the public in the exhibition spaces must be planned in advance with the museum’s contact person.

    Rehearsal times must be agreed upon in advance. During the rehearsals, museum staff will be on hand to ensure museum safety.

    Instructions for Photo/Film Shoots

    The museum will offer a photo and/or film shoot for the organiser. To supply an offer, the museum must know the time, duration, number of persons involved and the facilities required for the shoot. A confirmation will be sent to the organiser once the services and arrangements for the shoot have been determined. The cost of additional services and time will be charged to the organiser.

    The confirmed plan for the shoot (timetables, number of people, equipment, lighting, locations etc.) must be submitted in the agreed-upon timeframe before the shoot to be approved by the museum. If the shoot extends beyond EMMA’s premises, the plan must be also be approved by the owners and management of the property concerned; time must be reserved to make the necessary arrangements. EMMA has the right to reject any changes made to the plan after the deadline.

    Shoots outside EMMA’s opening hours require considerable special arrangements at a cost to the organiser.

    Shoots should be carried out with minimum use of flash or supplementary lighting. Lights and flashes must never be pointed directly at the artworks. Lighting is expressly forbidden in the vicinity of some artworks. See also: General guidelines for all.

    If the shoot is held during museum opening hours, it must cause as little disturbance to the audience as possible.

    Museum representatives have the right to stop the shoot or its arrangements immediately if they deem artwork safety to be at risk or if the shoot deviates from the previously agreed-upon plan.

    The visibility of artwork information in the footage must be agreed upon separately.

    Responsibility for copyright compliance always rests with the publisher of the picture. For more information, visit

    The organiser must have valid liability insurance.

    EMMA reserves the right to make changes.


    EMMA customer service 

    Mon–Fri 10–14, tel. +358 (0)43 827 0941