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EMMA’s statement regarding the exhibition Michael Jackson: On the Wall

The screening of the documentary Leaving Neverland and the reports and comments in its wake have affected all of us deeply at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The accusations raised are shocking. EMMA condemns all abuse. We feel a responsibility not to shy away from this difficult subject. It is important to talk about the dangers of sexual abuse.

The exhibition Michael Jackson: On the Wall was conceived and created by the National Portrait Gallery in London before the broadcast of the Leaving Neverland documentary. It was shown in London from June to October 2018. It then travelled to Grand Palais, Paris and is now showing at Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. The exhibition will be organized at EMMA as planned from 20 Aug 2019 to 26 Jan 2020. We are now planning for ways to discuss questions and feelings raised by the exhibition. We want to create a forum for exchange, dialogue and critique and offer means of responding to questions and criticism.

Michael Jackson: On the Wall is an exhibition showcasing up to 90 artworks from internationally established artists who have examined Michael Jackson as a cultural phenomenon in their works. The exhibition is not biographical or celebratory, but it examines the influence Michael Jackson has had on contemporary art and culture. We are, of course, aware that it is impossible to separate the two aspects completely and to see them in isolation. Michael Jackson has always been a controversial figure. The release of the documentary has brought newly surfaced allegations to a worldwide audience. We see it as our duty to respond and to underscore the seriousness and importance of the issues raised.

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