Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Terms and conditions for booking premises at EMMA

These terms and conditions apply to premises booked at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art (hereinafter “EMMA”) and they apply to the contractual relationship on the rental and use of space between the customer and EMMA. The terms and conditions come into effect when the booking is made.

Customer’s responsibility
The customer is obligated to protect the spaces and furniture the customer rents from damage.

The customer is responsible for the following:
– any damage that the customer, the customer’s personnel, subcontractors, performers or the audience cause to the immovable or movable property of Näyttelykeskus WeeGee or EMMA with its own valid liability insurance
– any injury or damage caused to the persons present at the event or their property, in accordance with the provisions of the Tort Liability Act
– any equipment or other property that the customer brings into the premises.
The customer agrees to comply with the staff’s instructions in matters pertaining to use of the building, its furniture and equipment. The customer may not disturb other activities in the building.

Instructions for organising an event
The customer or the operators hired by the customer must follow all instructions given on the use of the rented space. Prior to organising the event, the customer must read the document “EMMA Instructions for the Event Organiser”.

EMMA is responsible for the general lighting, ventilation and general cleaning of the premises. Any extra cleaning needs resulting from constructing and decorating the event or the activity of the organiser/audience must be agreed in advance (at least seven (7) days before the event) with EMMA’s contact person, with the charges invoiced from the customer.

The people in charge
The customer must appoint a person responsible for the event’s arrangements and provide EMMA’s contact person with his/her contact details. If the event requires the use of subcontractors, EMMA must also be supplied with their contact details.

Official permits and other notifications
The customer is obligated to pay for and acquire all necessary official permits, including any necessary notifications to the police and the rescue department. The customer is responsible for maintaining order at the event as well as for all copyright notices and remuneration to third parties (such as Teosto, Gramex, Kopiosto). A separate licence for the public performance of copyright-protected music is required, and getting the appropriate licence is the responsibility of the person making the booking.

Description of event
The customer must, upon request, provide a description of the event the customer is organising so that the building’s other customers and operators can be informed of the upcoming event. The description must indicate the nature of the event, the estimated number of participants and the schedule of the event.

A reserved space can be cancelled free of charge:

seven (7) days prior to the event in the case of an event for less than 20 people
fourteen (14) days prior to the event in the case of an event for 21–50 people
thirty (30) days prior to the event in the case of an event for more than 50 people.

If the reservation has not been cancelled by the deadline, the customer will be charged half the rent for the rented space.
Cancellations must be made in writing (by letter or e-mail) or by calling EMMA’s Customer Service during its opening hours. The cancellation is deemed to have taken place at the moment EMMA is informed of it. If an electronically submitted message arrives in the customer service outside its opening hours, the cancellation time will be the next day that the service is open.

The customer must have valid liability insurance that covers the event to be organised or that is referred to as the “insurance of the arranger of a public event”. The customer must present verification of the insurance upon request.

Transfer of agreement
The customer is not entitled to transfer the agreement or assign the premises the customer has reserved to a third party without EMMA’s consent.

Any changes to the booking must be made in writing. EMMA will confirm the changes with the customer.

Any complaints must be made to EMMA immediately. Should the customer and EMMA fail to reach an agreement over a dispute, a customer with the status of a consumer may bring the dispute to the attention of the Consumer Disputes Board. Ultimately, any disputes arising from the agreement will be settled in the District Court of Espoo.

EMMA’s Customer Service or
Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, +358 (0) 43 827 0941