Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Experience EMMA Collection around the City of Espoo

Works from EMMA Collection are on public display around the city of Espoo. A large number of works are on permanent display as outdoor monuments or public art in schools, hospitals, municipal centres and public swimming pools.

Public art on the new light rail line

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area launched its first light rail line in October 2023. The Espoo leg of the route features public artworks curated by EMMA. The newest piece to be unveiled is Jenni Tieaho’s My Sweet Horsey! at Vermo Arena.

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Espoo’s Nelli has moved to Saudarkrokur park in Kalajärvi

Kerttu Horila's sculpture will be relocated regularly, bringing joy to the daily lives of as many Espoo residents as possible. Nelli’s new home is Saudarkrokur Park in the district of Kalajärvi. The location was chosen by the Espoo Youth Council.

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