Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Experience EMMA Collection around the City of Espoo

Works from EMMA Collection are on public display around the city of Espoo. A large number of works are on permanent display as outdoor monuments or public art in schools, hospitals, municipal centres and public swimming pools.

New mural completed in Länsiväylä underpass by artist Yamahamay and students from Tiistilä School

Yamahamay's Dreams of Teen Galaxies is the third public artwork curated by EMMA as part of the Matinkylä Art Tunnels project.

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Espoo’s Nelli has moved to Leppävaara’s Sello Shopping Centre!

Espoo’s Nelli has had a warm reception in her new temporary home at Viapori Square outside Sello Shopping Centre! The location was chosen by Espoo’s Disability Council.

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