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There are no vacancies currently available.

Working at EMMA

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On this page you will find information about job opportunities and vacancies at EMMA. Our main working language is Finnish, but many positions we offer are suitable for English-speaking applicants with basic Finnish proficiency. Task-specific language requirements are listed separately in our vacancy announcements. If the information about a job opening you are interested in is not provided on this page, you can submit an open application:

EMMA employs a team of experts who work together to build the museum of tomorrow. We like to challenge ourselves and question established ways of doing things. Never afraid to make mistakes, we embrace an experimental mindset and a proactive, innovative work culture of boundary-pushing.

We foster a problem-solving culture that is open, communicative, multi-vocal and unafraid of challenges. We place trust in our colleagues’ abilities and understand the value of collaboration.

EMMA is recognized in the museum world for its proactive, committed and boldly innovative organizational culture and style of leadership fostering personal development. We engage in cross-border collaboration and we value a wide spectrum of professional competencies. We work hard at EMMA – and we have fun doing it!

Student internships

EMMA announces intern vacancies on its website. All internships for 2024 have already been filled.

You can complete a paid internship at EMMA or an unpaid internship as part of your studies. The number of interns we accept and from which fields of study they are sought vary each year. The duration of our internships varies between one and six months. We always plan the content of the internship in advance together with the intern, taking into account the educational goals of the school you attend.

We can only accept a limited number of paid internships per year. Their number varies annually within the limits of our budget. To be accepted for a paid internship at EMMA, you must first secure an internship subsidy from the school you attend. We pay our interns a monthly salary of €1399 in compliance with the minimum subsistence income set by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (valid for 2024).

Budget permitting, EMMA may occasionally grant paid internships for slightly more demandint tasks, in which case no additional internship subsidy is required. The salary is the same as that of a paid intern receiving an internship subsidy. We offer no more than two such positions per year.

It is also possible to complete an unpaid internship at EMMA. This helps ensure that future professionals have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, even in situations where, for example, receiving internship subsidy is not possible.

Read more about internships in EMMA‘s different teams below!

Technical services

  • For students of art conservation.
  • The student is introduced to the tasks performed by a museum conservator in exhibition work and collection management. By taking part in exhibition projects, the student is familiarized with the conservator’s role in planning, inspecting and maintaining exhibits. By contributing to EMMA’s collection work, the student also learns about the museum’s processes and artwork lifecycle management.
  • The intern has the opportunity to take part in practical conservation projects. Working under expert guidance and supervision, they participate in planning and carrying out conservation measures on a diverse variety of artworks ranging from paintings to design objects.

Marketing communications 

  • For students of communications, photography and business.
  • Working under expert guidance, the student is introduced to a variety of tasks performed by the museum’s marketing communications team and museum shop. Communications interns take part in creating and updating the content of EMMA’s websites, social media channels and newsletter, as well as assisting in daily communications. Photography interns assist not only with photography-related tasks, but also with archiving duties. Interns in the museum shop are taught skills in sales work, shop management and customer service tasks and processes.


  • For students of art history or museology, in certain cases also art and design students
  • The student is introduced to tasks related to EMMA’s collection management. The intern performs a variety of practical tasks related to EMMA’s collection management, cataloguing of works, digital accessibility and content production.


  • For students of cultural production, art history, curating and aesthetics.
  • The student is offered a first-hand introduction to EMMA’s exhibition work. The intern assists with various tasks related to exhibition production, such as practical coordinating and travel and opening arrangements.

Finance and administration

  • For students of financial administration and/or human resources management.
  • Financial administrative interns are introduced to EMMA’s administrative structures and practices, including organizational structure and decision-making hierarchy, budgeting and accounting, auxiliary accounts (purchase invoices, sales invoicing, travel and expense reimbursement, cash book) and reporting. HR interns assist with various personnel administration tasks such as payroll, employment contracts and updating of HR instructions and practices.

Public services

  • For students of cultural production and art education.
  • Public services interns are invited to take part in EMMA’s community engagement and outreach programming, museum experience planning, and the museum’s accessibility and inclusivity work.

EMMA is committed to fulfilling the criteria of a high-quality internship

We observe the following principles to offer our interns an outstanding learning experience:

  1. Clear goals and expectations: We clearly define the intern’s role and tasks, and we set realistic goals for the internship together with the intern, giving special consideration to their school’s criteria.
  2. Orientation and training: We provide ample orientation introducing the intern to their tasks, work environment and EMMA’s internal practices.
  3. Supervision and guidance: We assign each intern a supervisor to mentor and support the intern in their tasks and learning.
  4. Networking opportunities: We offer the intern opportunities to network with other employees and professionals.
  5. Evaluation and feedback: We provide regular feedback on the intern’s performance and progress, and we provide a summarized assessment of their goal attainment at the end of the internship.
  6. Honesty and transparency: We are open and honest! We communicate EMMA’s and the intern’s expectations clearly.

Language training & vocational experience

EMMA offers 1–2 vocational experience and language training positions per year. These interns work in customer service.

We will inform on this page when we are accepting applications.

Work experience internships (TET program) & Taksvärkki fundraising workdays

Work experience internships (TET program)

Every year EMMA offers TET work experience internships to four 8th or 9th graders studying at Finnish comprehensive schools, two in spring and two in autumn.

As our main working language is Finnish, the TET intern is expected to have at least basic Finnish proficiency. Read more from the page in Finnish!


Taksvärkki fundraising workdays

EMMA does not currently offer Taksvärkki fundraising workdays.

Summer vouchers & other summer jobs

Summer vouchers

Every year, EMMA hires one or two young applicants for a summer job as part of the City of Espoo’s summer voucher scheme.


Other summer jobs

EMMA announces all summer job vacancies on its website.

Nonmilitary service

EMMA does not currently offer nonmilitary service positions.