Espoo Museum of Modern Art


Art Break

  • 21.02.2023 - 24.02.2023
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • 2nd floor

Come and spend your winter break at EMMA, where we have different programme every day. You can spend the entire week here or choose whichever day suits you best. The programme is designed for children between the ages of four and ten. Art Break is arranged in cooperation with students of Art Education at the Aalto University School of Arts.

Registration for Art Break begins on Monday Feb 6 at 11 AM.

Links for signing up can be found below in connection with the daily workshop descriptions.

Children attending Art Break should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Participation and supplies are included in the museum entrance fee (20/10 €, free entry for ages under 18 and over 70).

The workshops will be held in Finnish and English.

Tue. 21.2. from 13 to 15 | Magic glasses

What does the museum look like in different colours? What does a work of art sound like? In this workshop you will make a pair of magic glasses that will add a whole new dimension to the way we see art. We will look at works of art with different senses and describe them to each other.

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Wed. 22.2. from 13 to 15 | Secret message

This workshop is all about reading and listening to messages. How many ways are there to send messages to others? You can send a message by leaving marks on paper or by making gestures with your body. In the workshop, we will think of new ways to send messages. You can develop your own secret language that others can try to solve. Will they solve your secret and be able to read your message?

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Thu. 23.2. from 13 to 15 | Impossible trick

Have you ever stood upside down on just one finger? What would it look like if you could float in the air? We will use our imagination to explore and play with new abilities, and make together a video where we defy gravity. The video will make impossible tricks seem real and your abilities seem limitless. We will end the workshop by watching the trick video we made together.

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Fri. 24.2. from 13 to 15 | Become a creature

Imagine that you are a strange creature that no one has ever seen before! In this workshop, we will invent all sorts of fantastic creatures by borrowing their features from works of art. What would a creature look like? How would it behave? The workshop will end with a shadow play in which you can present your own fantasy creature to the other participants.

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