Espoo Museum of Modern Art


Art Break

  • 18.10.2022 - 21.10.2022
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • 2nd floor

Come and spend your autumn break at EMMA, where we have different programme every day. You can spend the entire week here or choose whichever day suits you best. Art Break is arranged in cooperation with students of Art Education at the Aalto University School of Arts. Have a look at the programme below and sign up for the Art Break. The workshops will be held in Finnish and English. 

Participation and supplies are included in the museum entrance fee (20/10 €, free entry for ages under 18 and over 70).

Tuesday 18.10. from 13–15

Robot drawing

If you were a robot, what kind of pictures would you draw? In this workshop we will explore collaboration between a robot and a human in art making. We will discuss the meaning of lines, shapes and marks on paper. After discussion and observation, you can try out for yourself what it feels like to be a drawing robot controlled by others. Alternatively you can explore what kinds of marks different drawing tools leave on paper.

Fully booked

Wednesday, 19.10, from 13–15

Flower study

The workshop begins with a visit to the In Search of the Present exhibition where we will examine artworks that have tulips in them. We will then discuss what flowers we know or have seen, and illustrate our observations by imitating flower parts. You will also design your very own flower, make it from paper and name it scientifically after its creator. To conclude the workshop we will mount a small flower show of our own.

Fully booked

Thursday, 20.10, from 13–15

Colourful memories

What colours, smells and shapes have you come across in nature? We will explore natural motifs in art and use the storytelling method to discuss our experiences and memories of nature. We will then store the memories by making a pompom from coloured yarns. Does the colour yellow remind you of a sunny summer day? What colour ice cream did you eat then? At the end of the workshop you can pin the pompom on your jacket!

Fully booked

Friday, 21.10, from 13–15

My living environment

There are lots of constructed things in our environment. Animals also alter the environment in many ways. Have you ever wondered how plants change the place where they grow? We will examine nature-themed artworks and discuss things that affect the environment. We will conclude the workshop by building a three-dimensional miniature world from recycled materials to take home.

Fully booked

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