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Virtual Art Break - Sign up for the daily programme

Come and spend an artistic winter break with us. This spring’s Art Break will be realized with a fully digital remote connection. Each day features a different programme for creating art. You can join us everyday or participate on the days of your choosing. Separate registration for each day is required. You will find a registration link in the reply message along with more specific instructions for accessing the Zoom platform. You do not need to download anything on your computer. You can participate via browser. 

The 30-minute presentation and walk-through of tasks will be recorded and made available on the EMMA website to use also after the Art Break. 

The Art Break is produced in collaboration with Art Pedagogy students from Aalto University. 

You can get acquainted with our advance assignments, day-by-day descriptions and additional assignments on this page.  

The assignments are formulated in Finnish and English. The Art Break on Wednesday will be in English, on other days the teaching language is Finnish.

Preliminary assignment 

The EMMA Art Break is getting closer! While you wait for it to begin, you can prepare a Creativity Box by following the instructions. You can then store your different creative ideas in the box, including the creations from your Art Break.


1. Find an empty box at home. It can be for example an old shoe box or a cereal box. Make sure the size of the box is suitable for storing all your creative ideas.

2. Decorate the box as you wish by using supplies found at home.

3. Cut up sheets of paper for writing down creative tasks and ideas, and assignments from EMMA’s Art Break.


empty box, scissors, glue or tape, crayons or coloured pencils, markers, colourful materials to paste such as old magazines

Daily programme

Tuesday: Fantasy Pizza

The artist Eeva-Leena Eklund creates artworks based on everyday topics that she finds interesting, such as pizzas or coffee mugs. 

A winter holiday is a great time to relax and take a break from daycare and school. You can enjoy yourself and eat treats like pizza, burgers and sweets! Or do you enjoy berries and fruit more? Let’s make a fantasy pizza together. You can pick your favourite toppings and make the most wonderful, colourful and delicious pizza.

As materials, you can use anything you find at home, such as stickers or advertisements, or shapes cut out from magazines. Treats are not free, however. Think about how much your treats would cost. Did you know that the famous Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala also designed money? You can design your own money from paper and pretend to run a restaurant. 


1. Cut out the base of your fantasy pizza from cardboard or paper.

2. Decorate as you wish. 

3. How much would your pizza cost in a restaurant? Make your own coins and notes.

4. Enjoy having a restaurant and serving pizza to your customers. 


Scissors, pencils, colourful markers or paint, paper, magazines, glue or tape 

Remember that you don’t need much in order to be creative. You can complete this task even without all the listed supplies. 

When you are done, you can attach your fantasy pizza for instance on the refrigerator door and take a picture of it. If you want, you can share it online with the hashtag #emmamuseum. 

Wednesday: Make your own zine!

A zine is a miniature self-made magazine. Did you know that the Exhibition Centre WeeGee used to be a printing house where books and calendars were made? On the Art Break, you can learn about the exhibition centre’s history and receive instructions for making your own zine, a mini publication. The primary language of this day is English. 


1. Fold up the paper into the shape of a magazine by following the video tutorial.

2. Cut up interesting pictures and texts from magazines and advertisements. You can come up with the topics yourself. 

3. Draw, make a comic. You can also write a short story or poem. 

4. Place and glue your materials into the zine. Remember to add your own name as the maker. 


A3 paper (or A4 for a smaller size), magazines, advertisements, colours, scissors, crayons or pencils, glue 

Remember that you don’t need much in order to be creative. You can complete this task even without all the listed supplies. 

If you want, you can share it online with the hashtag #emmamuseum. 

Thursday : Build your own exhibition!

Have you wondered how art exhibitions are built? Everyone has stories to share. Now it can be you. You can build your own exhibition at home by using our instructions. We will help you. We will curate the exhibition together. The topic is the story of a rainbow. 


1. Pick a spot at home where you can build a rainbow. It can be a desk, a drawer for bedsheets, or the corner of a room. Could you even build a rainbow in the bathroom? 

2. A rainbow has stripes of many colours. Design your own rainbow by first finding, for instance red things at home, and then shaping them into a rainbow. When the first stripe is done, go look for items for the next stripe. How many stripes are visible in your rainbow? You can also ask to borrow things from adults. 

3. When your rainbow is done, the artwork still needs to be illuminated. You can use for instance a flashlight as a light source. 

4. You can invite family members or toys as your guests. 

5. When you are done, you can take a picture of your work. Negotiate with an adult how long your exhibition is allowed to be up, and when it needs to be taken down with all the items returned to their places. 

If you want, you can share a picture of your exhibition online with the hashtag #emmamuseum. 

Friday : Share your feelings – what if house plants could talk?

Our lives are full of emotions. Many moments are filled with joy and happiness. Sometimes we are sad, sometimes we feel tired or angry. It is good to feel all these feelings. Artists address emotions through their work and help us to understand our own emotions. We will get to know emotional artworks and think about them. 

You can express your emotions through emojis. What if furniture or other items at home also had emotions, what would they be feeling? Is a lamp always tired of shining, is a sofa happy about being soft, joyful and ready for a hug? Does a table ever need rest from supporting so many items? 

Make emojis that depict different emotions and attach them on items and places around your home. You can use tape or blutack and attach notes onto furniture pieces. Have a chat with your family members about different emotions. What emoji best describes how you are feeling right now? 


1. Cut circles out of paper.

2. Think about all the emotions you might experience.

3. Draw these emotions on the paper circles.

4. Place the emojis on pieces of furniture. 

5. You can take pictures of the furniture.

You can ask for help from your family members and if you want, you can share your pictures with the hashtag #emmamuseum. 


paper, crayons or markers, scissors, tape or blutack 

Remember that you don’t need much in order to be creative. You can complete this task even without all the listed supplies. 

Additional assignment: Examine art through food!

The world, fairytales and our own imagination are full of interesting species of animals. Imagine being an animal researcher. You will set out on a long and exciting journey where you encounter an animal that you have never seen before! What does it look like? Where does it live? 

Go on an expedition to the kitchen refrigerator or the dry food cabinet. Ask an adult what food items you can use and pick the ones that you find most interesting. 

Build the animal of your imagination for instance on a plate. 

Remember to treat food with respect and your fantasy animal with love and care. Don’t throw food away. Perhaps your artwork turns into a delicious and healthy snack. 


simple food items, toothpicks or dry spaghetti to connect the parts, imagination 

Take a picture of your animal and share it with the hashtag #emmamuseum. 

Additional assignment: A postcard from a dreamland

Silkkiniitty, Tapiola. © Teuvo Kanerva 1965–1975

We have all had a strange year. Luckily we have been able to take trips into nature, backyards, parks, forests and into our imagination and thoughts.

Imagine taking a journey with a time machine. Let’s head out on the journey of our dreams! Where would you like to go?

Would you travel back in time to a precious memory or would you like to see what the future looks like? Everything is possible.


1. Pick a destination you would like to travel to. What does it look like? What kinds of colours and things are there?

2. Cut a piece of paper into a size 11 X 16 cm. Use thick paper, if you have some. You can also cut the base for the postcard from a cardboard package.

3. Make a postcard from a dream destination. You can paint, draw or make a postcard using the collage technique, meaning cutting and pasting different images.

4. Send the postcard to a recipient of your choice, or put it in your neighbour’s mailbox, for instance.


paper, cardboard, crayons, colours, scissors, glue

Remember that you don’t need much in order to be creative. You can complete this assignment even without all the listed supplies.

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