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Discover the perfect arty holiday gifts at EMMA Shop!

EMMA Shop joulu 2023 Photo: Paula Virta / EMMA
EMMA Shop joulu 2023 Photo: Paula Virta / EMMA

At the EMMA Shop, you’ll find great gifts for lovers of art and design of all ages.  Be inspired to find the perfect gift idea this holiday season, whether for yourself or loved ones! 

Unique ceramic and glass art


Jenni Sorsa’s Marianne vases © Paula Virta / EMMA

Looking for the perfect gift for an art lover or design fan? Or does your own home crave a fresh splash of colour? Art is a gift that keeps on giving and is treasured long after the holidays! At our shop you’ll find a limited edition of unique ceramic and glass art by Jasmin Anoschkin, Petra Innanen, Alma Jantunen, Marika Kinnunen, Viivi Lehto, Maisa Majakka, Heini Riitahuhta and Jenni Sorsa.

Here’s our special shopping tip: When you drop by at the shop, check out Jasmin Anoschkin’s adorably named animal sculptures! Who would you like to take home this Christmas: Minty Lemon Ice Cream Tester Miuku (2023) or perhaps HubbabubbaPhant (2023)? 

Price: 12–889€.  Available only at the museum shop.


Distinctive jewellery for every occasion


Butoni, Kati Peltola and Minna Arponen’s jewellery © Paula Virta / EMMA

Crown your holiday outfit with eye-catching accessories! Our selection of jewellery pieces offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an elegant necklace to add a touch of magic to your daywear or bold statement earrings to complete your party outfit.

Price: 35–210€.  Available only at the museum shop.


Spruce up your home for the holidays


DIY Paper Bird, Flettede Fugle © Paula Virta / EMMA

Nothing says “cosy Christmas” better than atmospheric holiday décor! At our museum shop, you’ll find a beautiful range of decorations and interior design items to brighten up your home and lift festive spirits. Get into the Christmas spirit by lighting candles in our Donut candleholders and crafting the DIY Paper Birds in the picture!

Many products such as our designer tea towels, napkins and trivets make perfect gifts for sending overseas, naturally accompanied by one of our art-themed postcards.


Beautiful books


© Paula Virta / EMMA

Every culture lover appreciates an inspiring art publication. The EMMA Shop’s shelves are groaning with fascinating books about art, design, architecture and history.

Did your museum visit leave you hungry to learn more about Tapio Wirkkala’s design philosophy, Katarina Reuter’s intricate paintings or the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection? Dig deeper into the content of our exhibitions – check out EMMA’s new autumn releases in the selection below.


Tapio Wirkkala – Form

The richly illustrated English publication shares fresh perspectives on Tapio Wirkkala’s designs. The articles delve into the role of form in Wirkkala’s designs as well as in his monumental, unrealized Land Art Plan for Saivaara Fell in Lapland.

Writers: Reiko Imamura, Hanna Johansson, Emma Lilja, Juhani Pallasmaa, Henna Paunu
Language: English
Graphic Design: Pomeliina Ristimella
Photographs: Ari Karttunen / EMMA, Pirjo Honkasalo, TWRB Foundation, Sami Wirkkala, Ella Tommila / EMMA


30 Works from the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection

30 Works from the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection showcases the foundation’s recent acquisitions. The focus is on artists with stirring career who continue to impress with their art, as well as artists on the verge of making a strong entry or currently making a breakthrough.

Writers: Ali Akbar Mehta, Camille Auer, Nimco Kulmiye Hussein, Saara Karhunen, Anders Kreuger, Emma Lilja, Aleksandra Oilinki, Vidha Saumya, Seiskan pojat, Sanna Tirkkonen
Languages: Finnish and English
Graphic design: Tom Backström
Photographs: Ari Karttunen/EMMA, Paula Virta/EMMA


Katarina Reuter’s artist monograph

The publication produced by EMMA dives into Katarina Reuter’s art. With subtle strokes of the brush, Reuter constructs images of nature, the local environment and the world of microorganisms. Her paintings embody a quality too often ignored in contemporary art – a stillness, a lingering examination of motif, and immersions in detail.

Writers: Tua Forsström, Pilvi Kalhama, Altti Kuusamo, Pernilla Wiik
Language: Finnish, Swedish and English
Graphic Design: Milla Rissanen
Photographs: Ari Karttunen, Katarina Reuter, Aukusti Heino


Psst. We are now offering the six-volume Lasin ja keramiikan mestarit (Masters of Glass and Ceramics) series at a special discounted price! The series presents 32 artists and more than 2,000 works from Collection Kakkonen.

Buy the complete series (Aamunkoi, Luonto, Geometria, Kosketus, Fantasia and Yhteys) for €330 or €65 per book (normally €72 per book and €360 for the entire series). The Christmas discount is valid from December 1 to December 30, 2023. The book is only available in Finnish.


© Paula Virta / EMMA


Drop in and see us at the EMMA Shop! Our range includes a variety of art and craft supplies, games, interior design products, art objects and books. Also visit our online shop, where you can purchase gifts and have them delivered to the recipient’s front door, complete with your personalized greeting. 

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