Art Testers

EMMA is participating in the nationwide Art Testers initiative, which invites all 8th graders across Finland to enjoy a special cultural experience. A total of 500 students visited EMMA on ten occasions in autumn 2017 and spring 2018. The schools participating in the Art Testers initiative have already been selected for this year.

During their visit to the museum, EMMA’s Art Testers were assigned an artist friend who provided a first-hand account of their work. This personal, experiential encounter deepened the students’ understanding of art as a vehicle of self-expression.

EMMA’s three artist friends

Hannaleena Heiska

Hannaleena Heiska is a visual artist who experiments across the genres of painting, drawing, video art and installation. Mixing fact and fantasy, her art reflects on the human condition and the meaning of existence. Animals and similar motifs play a key role in her art. Her paintings are infused with a dynamic sense of movement and inner tension.

Sami Lukkarinen

Sami Lukkarinen is painter who fuses digital technology with elements of traditional portrait painting. He focuses so closely on his subject that the enlarged, pixelated blow-ups almost begin to resemble complete abstractions. His paintings comment on how we are constantly bombarded by a nonstop stream of images from the internet and social media. Lukkarinen mines his raw material from the internet, transforming random images that grab his attention into pixelated paintings.

Hanna Saarikoski

Hanna Saarikoski is a visual artist who employs a variety of techniques and modes of expression, from watercolour paintings to installation and video art. Her art is an inquiry into the act of viewing and perception, and the end result is never predictable. Her video piece Eyeliner reflects on the established traditions of portraiture.