Espoo Museum of Modern Art

KULPS! For preschools and schools in Espoo


The lead-in exercise is designed to get students in the mood for the museum visit. What can works of art be like? What are they saying to us? 

Choose one of the following three works of art, or examine them all. Use the questions and perspectives listed below. The exercise can be completed alone or by discussion in pairs or with the entire class. 

What is the first thing you notice in the work? What do you think is happening in the work? 

What materials is the artwork made of, and how? Is there something surprising about the technique or materials? Why do you think the artist has chosen to make the work this way? 

Who created the work? What do you think the artist wanted to say or show through the work of art?

Why was this work of art made? What do you think is the message of the work? Does the artist want it to stir up emotions, influence your thinking or opinions about a particular subject? 

Antti Laitinen, Nail Cube, 2016

© Paula Virta / EMMA

Jaume Plensa, Cristina V, 2014

© Paula Virta / EMMA

Hanna Saarikoski, C, 2019

Follow-up assignment

The follow-up assignment is designed to encourage you to explore art in your environment. What do you think about artworks you see on your way to school? How can they be interpreted?  

Examine the artworks that you find near you and choose the most interesting one. The work can be located outdoors, in your school or at some other public space. Examine the work in the same way that you learned on the tour. For example, you can 

  • Find out about the artist who made the work 
  • Investigate what materials the work is made of and how 
  • Consider your own response to the work. What thoughts or feelings does it awaken in you? 
  • Try exploring the work using different senses. What does the work sound like? How do you feel if you go and sit under the work?  
  • Consider the message of the work. What is it about? What is the work trying to achieve? 

When you return to the work or walk past it again, does it start to feel more familiar? How would you present the work to a friend?  

For the teacher: The follow-up assignment can be completed with the entire class, or finding the work can be given as individual homework.