Art Break

© Yehia Eweis / EMMA
© Yehia Eweis / EMMA
  • 19.10.2021 - 22.10.2021
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • 2nd floor

Come and spend your autumn break at EMMA, where we have different programmes for every day. You can spend the entire week here or participate for just one day. Participation and supplies are included in the entrance fee.

Art Break is arranged in cooperation with students of Art Education at the Aalto University’s School of Arts.

Registration is now open! Have a look at the programme and sign up using the forms below!

Tues 19 Oct: Drawing the movement

Experience a unique way of drawing. What kind of a movement can you find in an artwork and how would you draw it? During the workshop you will have the possibility to try speed drawing by laying on the floor!

The workshop will be in Finnish and in English.

The workshop is fully booked

Wed 20 Oct: See the Sounds

Where do all the sounds come from in the exhibition? In the workshop we listen to the sounds in the exhibition. What do you see and what does the sounds look like? First, we will be drawing what we hear and then we will create a new story around it by drawing, painting, and modelling.

The workshop will be in English.

The workshop is fully booked

Thu 21 Oct: Colour and Sight

How are colours created? Can colours fool your eyes? Let’s explore the colours in the artworks and connect the hints to the art. Is the sky always blue and the grass green or are colours a mix of many? We will make colour combinations by painting.

The workshop will be in Finnish.

The workshop is fully booked

Fri 22 Oct: On an Expedition

Before the expedition starts, we will help you to build your own binoculars or a telescope. We will explore the museum looking for interesting details and drawing them. Share your observations by drawing and others can try to find them as well.

The workshop will be in Finnish.

The workshop is fully booked

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