Leena & Kalle Nio. © Ari Karttunen / EMMA
Leena & Kalle Nio. © Ari Karttunen / EMMA

29.09.2021 - 12.12.2021

Leena and Kalle Nio: Painting Machine

Leena Nio (b. 1982), a visual artist renowned for her multilayered paintings, and Kalle Nio (b. 1982), visual artist, magician and theatre director, will present their first joint production at EMMA in autumn 2021. Navigating a space between live performance and visual art, the work will create an illusion of the painting process by employing techniques ordinarily used in magic. Painting Machine consists of a painting installation and weekly performances each of which will result in a new painting.

  • 29.09.2021 - 12.12.2021
  • 2nd floor
  • 12€ / Adults

    0€ / Under 18s and over 70s

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