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The Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize awarded to Katarina Reuter

The Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize is an award established in 2013 for Finnish artists. This marks the fifth occasion it is awarded. The 2022 winner, Katarina Reuter, will receive a cash prize of 25 000 euros, an exhibition at EMMA and an accompanying catalogue.

The jury commented on their choice as follows: “Katarina Reuter’s skilfully executed paintings evince a slow, meditative quality that is often overlooked in contemporary art – an ability to pause and quietly observe her immediate surroundings and tiny details. Her art is relevant today not only because she has been painting images of nature for many years, but also because her art raises extremely important questions related to our relationship with nature, biodiversity, and the micro-worlds that nature conceals within itself. Her approach to composition affiliates her work with the classical legacy of painting, but her style of expression points to a highly unique way of interpreting and experiencing the natural environment.” 

Artist Katarina Reuter (b. 1964) graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. She is currently based in the rural district of Raasepori, surrounded by the nature motifs she portrays in her paintings. Reuter is known for her nuanced depictions of intimate natural settings and miniature creatures rendered in exquisitely delicate brushstrokes. Her nature scenes fuel the imagination with their richness of layers and meanings. 

  • Katarina Reuter, Paintings from a Room No. 1, 2020. Oil on canvas, 20x35cm. © Aukusti Heinonen

  • Katarina Reuter, In Another Life, 2021. Oil on canvas, 30x25cm. © Aukusti Heinonen

  • Katarina Reuter, Watch, 2017. Oil on canvas, 216x438cm. © Aukusti Heinonen.

  • Katarina Reuter, The Coming Morning, 2020. Oil on canvas, 40x60cm © Aukusti Heinonen

  • Katarina Reuter, Paintings from a Room No. 5, 2020. Oil on canvas, 25x35cm. © Aukusti Heinonen

  • Katarina Reuter, Paintings from a Room No. 4, 2020. Oil on canvas, 30x35cm. © Aukusti Heinonen

Awarded every second year, the Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize is awarded to a Finnish artist at their creative peak whose work attracts international interest. EMMA has been a partner in the award since 2013. The previous winners who have held prize exhibitions at EMMA are Aaron Heino, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Camilla Vuorenmaa and Outi Pieski. The City of Espoo supports the award financially as part of an effort to bring visibility to interesting, relevant contemporary artists in Espoo and at EMMA. 

The 2022 winner was chosen by a jury appointed by the Fine Arts Academy of Finland, consisting of Professor Mauri Ylä-Kotola, Chair of the Fine Arts Academy of Finland Foundation, printmaker Johanna Pihlajamaa, painter Erno Enkenberg, EMMA Executive Director Pilvi Kalhama and City of Espoo Cultural Director Susanna Tommila

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