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Jazz inspired by Bryk's and Wirkkala's art

© Ari Karttunen / EMMA
© Ari Karttunen / EMMA

Musician and composer Sid Hille has been selected for April Jazz goes EMMA the production of spring 2019. Hille has sought influence for his work from Rut Bryk's and Tapio Wirkkala's art. The composition's premiere is at EMMA as part of the April Jazz festival on Saturday 27 April at 3 pm, after which it can be heard as a sound installation at EMMA’s exhibition space.

The joint project by EMMA and April Jazz will be carried out for the third time this spring. Previously, custom works have been composed by Raul Björkenheim and Esa Pietilä. The composition, which draws influence from EMMA’s current exhibitions, will be played for the first time at April Jazz, after which it can be heard as a sound installation at EMMA’s exhibition space.

Sid Hille’s (b. 1961) In Dialogue is a spatial work consisting of five soundscapes and a central theme of dialogue with the environment. Hille has drawn inspiration from the Visible Storage that presents Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation’s collection, as well as the concrete architecture of WeeGee. The five parts of the work are based on five elements: glass, fire, air, wood and concrete. The theme of the dialogue is highlighted in the close collaboration between Rut Bryk and Tapio Wirkkala and the improvisational performance of the musicians.

Listen to a 6 minute clip from In Dialogue V Excerpts. It is also available on Sid Hille’s Soundcould.

Hille is a versatile musician, known among others, for his trio F#, chamber music band Sid Hille Camerata and avantgarde quintet Contemporary Collective. He works in duos with international musicians such as Herbert Könighofer and Enzo Favata. In addition to Hille himself, the live ensemble of F# trio includes bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Markus Ketola. During the implementation of the sound installation, they will also be joined by wind instrument player Pertti Päivinen.

”Besides the experienced craftsmen we are, recording In Dialogue I-V triggered a beautiful, playful creativity in us. At times we felt like four little boys in a candy shop of musical sounds, while at the same time we were guided by our professional knowledge and capabilities. I hope our joy and excitement will come across to the listeners, when they experience this sound installation in the wonderful space of the WeeGee building”, says Composer Sid Hille.

Sid Hille composition, keyboard and theremin
Jori Huhtala bass
Markus Ketola drums
and Pertti Päivinen the wind (recording of the work)

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