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Art Workshop


© Paula Virta / EMMA
© Paula Virta / EMMA
  • Duration: 2h
  • Recommended group size: 5-15
  • Children and youth

  • 165€ / Group

A children’s birthday party at EMMA is an unforgettable occasion for everyone and an easy and carefree option for parents.

The birthday party begins with interactive guidance in current exhibitions and in the Touch exhibition. After the guided tour, the group will be guided to an art workshop with a theme program of your choosing. You can round off your birthday party at EMMA with delicious Crunch Brunch treat boxes for each child. If you do not wish to order the treats, the duration of the visit is 1.5 hours. 

Recommended group size is max. 15 persons.
Each group must have two responsible adults who can participate free of charge. Adults are responsible for the children in the museum and the workshop space.
Duration 2 hours.
Price 165 € (incl. tickets, guided tour and workshop).
Birthday party catering can be added for 16,90 € / person.

Choose one of these two themes for your birhtday!

Dream Cloud

© Paula Virta / EMMA


What do you dream about? If you could have a superpower, what would it be? In this workshop we will examine art through play and fantasy, and create ever so tiny dream clouds about things that are important to us personally. You can choose a figure or object for your dream cloud that feels interesting to you or that seems suitable to your dream. Anything is possible in the imagination!

The workshop starts with an adventure into contemporary art. A guide will introduce us to the theme of the workshop, and the exhibition will provide us with inspiration for our own creative work. We will look at and talk about stories and interesting themes in the artworks. Where can a goldfish from the sky take us? How many fairytale figures do we see in the exhibition? What stories, feelings and fantasies can you find in the artworks?

The workshop continues with hands-on creative activity in the Aitio space where we will use tiny interesting objects to make dream clouds that illustrate our dreams or superhero adventures. We make the dream clouds by combining ready-made materials such as cotton balls, miniature objects, backgrounds and lights. The finished dreamworks are then photographed for collective appreciation. Participants get to take the photos home in a digital format.

All our workshops emphasize intangible activities and shared fun. For environmental reasons, we do not create tangible objects to take home.

Different design

© Paula Virta / EMMA


What would a unicorn’s cereal bowl look like? Or a rhino’s favourite object? In this fun art workshop, we will explore how objects are designed. We will choose a character and explore design and art from its perspective. We will also design an object that suits our character. 

The workshop is also a design journey to the Collection Kakkonen exhibition. We’ll talk about why ideas and materials are important in design, and we’ll explore the exciting objects in the exhibition. We will then create a shared design card in which we will gather drawings and texts about our ideas on how to design objects for our chosen character. 

We will use a mock-ups and lenses to give us inspiration for our work. We will end the workshop by admiring the fantastic objects we have created. The design book we make in the workshop will be a souvenir of the birthday party. 

All our workshops emphasize intangible activities and shared fun. For environmental reasons, we do not create tangible objects to take home. 

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