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Art Workshop

Art Workshop for Adults

© Paula Virta / EMMA
© Paula Virta / EMMA
  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Recommended group size: 10-20
  • Adults

  • 25€ / person

Invite your friends or colleagues for a fun day of recreation, team-building and discovery in the world of art. Group workshops at EMMA are perfect for a workplace recreation day, a stag/hen’s party, an office Christmas bash or a birthday.

Discover new sides of art by getting creative yourself. The workshop consists of an experiential tour of current exhibitions and creative activity around the chosen theme.



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Dream Cloud

© Paula Virta / EMMA


What do you dream about? What kind of art would give you joy, strength and food for thought? In this workshop we will explore art and creativity as sources of inspiration in our lives. We will also create miniature still lifes of our dreams. 

The workshop starts with an introduction to contemporary art in the current exhibition at EMMA. We will explore the themes that artists present to us in their works and how they do it. The tour of the exhibition provides us with inspiration for our own creative work later in the workshop. What are the stories, feelings and fantasies we find in the artworks? In the galleries we will experiment with different ways of examining the moods of the artworks and the meanings hidden in them.

The workshop continues with hands-on creative activity in the Aitio space where participants will create their own miniature dream clouds using ready-made materials such as cotton, miniature objects, backgrounds and lights. The finished dreamworks are then photographed for collective appreciation. Workshop participants get to take the photos home in a digital format. 

All our workshops emphasize intangible activities and shared fun. For environmental reasons, we do not create tangible objects to take home. 

Different Design

© Paula Virta / EMMA


How do you design a rhino’s favourite object? This workshop explores the things one needs to consider when designing objects. Participants will choose a character and then examine design and art through its eyes. They will also create an object for the character. What kinds of users, real or imaginary, could design objects have? How can ideas and materials be developed creatively to arrive at an appropriate form? 

The workshop explores the design process and its various stages as they appear in the Collection Kakkonen exhibition at EMMA, and it discusses the importance of such things as empathy, ideation and experimentation with materials. In addition to a creative design exercise, participants will learn about the works in the exhibition and how they were designed. The exhibition tour includes a range of tactile models to help participants develop their ideas.  

The ideas will be presented in a shared design book. It will feature drawings and texts about the participants’ ideas for a design object, covering the entire process from experimentation to fully realized design. To conclude the workshop, participants will examine their ideas together. They can take the design card home as a souvenir. 

All our workshops emphasize intangible activities and shared fun. For environmental reasons, we do not create tangible objects to take home. 

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