Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Guided tour

Remote tours for adults

© Paula Virta / EMMA
© Paula Virta / EMMA
  • Duration: 1h
  • Recommended group size: -
  • Adults

  • 88€ / weekdays

    121€ / weekends

The remote tour customised for your group brings EMMA's exhibitions to your home sofa or wherever you may be.

A remotely guided tour allows groups to visit EMMA’s exhibitions online with a guide on site who will take you in person through the museum’s exhibition spaces. You will get information about the particular exhibition and about art and artists in an interactive manner. We will cater to your group’s specific interests at EMMA. In the one-hour guided tour, you can experience a single exhibition or a custom selection of art and design from different exhibitions. The theme of the tour can be your own specific interest, for instance nature or contemporary art techniques. You are welcome to make requests about the content of the tour when submitting your booking. The guide will be happy to answer questions and discuss what you will see on the tour. 

Get acquainted with EMMA’s exhibitions and pick one or several to best suit your group’s interests. In addition, you can also choose to learn about the WeeGee building and its architecture.  

You will receive a link for either the Teams or Zoom platform upon your booking confirmation which you can then share with your group. You do not need to download a computer programme in order to participate online; Teams and Zoom also work directly in your browser.

We recommend using Zoom to ensure a good video quality. We record all guided tours to develop EMMAs guiding services.

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