Erkan Özgen: Wonderland, 2016. Video still.
Erkan Özgen: Wonderland, 2016. Video still.

01.02.2022 - 01.05.2022

Erkan Özgen: Wonderland

In Wonderland (2016), a deaf boy called Muhammed uses gestures and sounds to describe the experiences his family went through when escaping the war. Muhammed’s home city Kobanî in the Kurdish area of Syria at the border of Turkey became famous in 2015 when it was besieged by jihadist organisation Isis. After long battles, Kobanî managed to become liberated, but thousands of Kurds were forced to leave their homes. The wordless story by the 13-year-old Muhammed is a powerful statement against war, captured on video. Artist Erkan Özgen (b. 1971) is a Kurd from Turkey, who has approached the traumas of war and displacement in his works.

Wonderland is on display in the media space of Touch exhibition.

  • 01.02.2022 - 01.05.2022
  • 2nd floor
  • 12€ / Adults

    0€ / Under 18s and over 70s

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