Art Workshop

Art workshops for children and teens

  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Recommended group size: 5-20
  • Schools and kindergartens

  • 40€ / group

Discover new aspects of art and gain fresh insights into EMMA’s exhibitions by looking, doing and exchanging ideas in an interactive group workshop. No prior experience needed.

Join an art workshop to discover fresh sides of art by viewing, interacting and creating art together. Book an art workshop for your day-care group, comprehensive school excursion or for secondary school students. Workshops are also suitable for scouts and other recreational groups.

In art workshop, we make improvised animations in groups. What kind of animated film would you make together with your friends? The art workshop starts with an exhibition visit, where we acquaint ourselves with the possibilities of art. After the exhibition tour, we go to the art workshop to make films. The animations are shared to the participants by links as a souvenir.

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